Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh baby!

 Nothing but babies around here, lately! Not *here* here, but y'know what I mean. Two born one day (to different friends), a set of twins born just this past weekend, other friends due soon... lots of babies. 

First up, a card for twins born on Fri at just 32 weeks. Why I had never thought to put the "Noah's ark" image on a card for twins, I'll never know. But I did it now, and I think it's cute. I used the sketch from OWH that I'd seen on Leslie's blog:
created this:

I could've cut down the width of the vertical piece, but i liked it how it was, tyvm. And yes, I come from the Crooked Stamper School of Stamping - the sentiment is VERY crooked. wtg Hanway. Ah well, still cute and DEFINITELY home made. 

Another friend had her second boy, so I had picked up a book for hte older boy, and a cute shirt & pants for the lil guy. I made these tags to go on their gifts - the truck for the older one, and the baby from punches for the new guy. I friggin love the punched baby. so cute. I popped up the back of the truck for the older boy's tag, but should've NOT been lazy and done the whole truck. ah well. next time ;) 

The cute as a button card is for the parents. Leslie had sent me a bunch of the Cameo-d "cute as a butt n" parts like MOONS ago, and I'm finally getting around to using the blue ones now. everyone was having girls, dammit. I trimmed it up a bit, layered it on some blue DSP, used some LawnFawn twine to tie a bow in the button & tie around the top, et voil√†!

And phew. That's it for baby cards... for now. I have a few girl cards to make.. another day.

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