Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Or, What a difference decent light makes!!

When we were at Costco yesterday, they had these Ottlites near the door for $20 so I snatched one right up (seeing as I missed 'em last year).

So I wanted to see the difference the light makes, and to quote a friend, WOW. The only difference between the original pic & the 2 from tonight is that i have the i.phone5 now, so it has a flash where the old one didn't. But still - look at the difference.

First pic - normal cave lighting (read: sh!tty, dark). Second, today with flash only, Third, flash + OttLite. WOW, eh? You can see the Smooch & bling I talk about in the original post in the third pic, where you definitely couldn't in the other two.

taken with old (3GS)
New (5) w/ flash
i.phone5 with flash + OttLite 
So if anyone still reads this blog, I apologize for the sh!ttasticly-lit pics i've provided til now. I can't promise the pics themselves will be any better, but at least they'll be decently lit.


Leslie Hanna said...

BIG difference. YAY!

TammiHayne said...


Huge difference! Now we can truly appreciate all the crafty awesomeness!

Lisa - papergrace said...

Now, just use your Ott lite and turn off the ash-flay. ;) Flash is bad. Let your iPhone do the work. It will make some really great adjustments FOR you. Trust me. :) And YAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAYYAY!!! Looks fabby. <3