Wednesday, June 27, 2012

thank you... berry much

I wanted to make a card for a coworker who gave me a bunch of delicious berries from his garden when we were at his place for a bbq last week.

I used Jen del Muro's June SFYTT as the basis for my card. i kept the layout of the card basically the same, but changed the card's orientation from portrait to landscape... the sentiment has taken the place of the star on the left, and the strawberries are in place of the stars on the right (err - plus one). oh, and i used a rectangular shape instead of a circle - i just don't play well with those :P

I love that pretty much the whole card was scrap - everything but the ribbon and base was from a bin :P the berries are even stamped on the ivory dotted dsp that's behind the main panel, which i don't normally do, but just seemed to work here, imo.

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