Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Card Patterns Sketch meet Hero Arts

This is a mish mash of the current Card Patterns sketch and the about-to-end Dust em off challenge at A Blog Named Hero.

I used my only (!) Hero Arts set - Four Dolls, and actually stamped four images, but only one made it onto the card. This was one of those "zOMG I NEED THIS" sets... which has sat unloved since it arrived, moons ago. I have friends who are currently (well, not this second, but you know) jumping through a squillion hoops in hopes of adopting a child from China. So hopefully this card will come in handy sooner than later. One can hope anyway.

The card is a bit spurkly (My desk and I are COVERED in gold smooch ATM...) and blingy, but i love it, so there :)


Mary Dawn said...

LOVE IT! thanks so much for playing along <3

Lucy Newton said...

It's beautiful! Thanks for playing with us at A Blog Named Hero!