Monday, April 2, 2012

Learn from my mistake...

Click through from your Reader to a blog post, don't be lazy like me... Apparently reading blog posts in Google Reader instead of clicking through comes with an unmentioned pitfall - whenever the post is updated, Reader updates the date to current, instead of whatever it should be. And then, things like this happen - i made this card for the March SFYTT challenge, thinking I could still link it up, but uh, no. When I saw the post date and time as today at 845 am, i was all excited - still time to play!! but ah well.

Regardless, I quite like what I came up with, even if it is another sympathy card. If you include the pet one from my post on the weekend, that's five sympathy cards in a week or so. About five too many, really. Especially in such a short period.

I followed the sketch fairly closely, except I'm a bit out of proportion with the vertical bits, and you can't really see the button-as-circular element under the seam binding bow.

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