Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mojo Monday 232

I got a chance to play with this week's Mojo Monday sketch last night - yay! I knew which image/sentiment I wanted to use, so I turned the sketch on it's side, as I figured it worked better that way. Here's the sketch...
...and here's my card. 
I quite like how it turned out, even though this is the 4th iteration of sorts of this card.
First, i had that lil butterfly on the ribbon where the bow is, but the consensus on twitter was that bfly was too small for the ribbon.
Second version: moved bfly to the leaf and left ribbon bare. but that was boring and i'd mussed the ribbon a bit when i was fussing around, so it NEEDED something.
Third, i die cut a slightly larger bfly, blinged it up and put it on the button. I liked it, but it still wasn't right.
Finally, I moved the bigger bfly inside, and threaded a piece of white ribbon through the button, tied a bow, and called it done.

Thanks to my tweeps last night for the comments & feedback - love y'all!

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Leslie Hanna said...

Hey - who makes that stamp?