Friday, November 11, 2011


Oh Unity Stamp Company... how you taunt me so.

In the last week, I've put through two orders from this evil lil company... last week's order had A little playtime, Shoot for the Moon, and Hey Chick! which was a Friday $5 feature* & is not on the site anymore, booo. The other order was for a grab bag that I'd meant to put on the Friday order - $10 for 10 single stamps. Also, they have fab customer service, always a bonus.

But every time I go over to check out what's on sale, this is what I see...  See that "YET" that I added? ya, that. like it KNOWS my weakness for cute stamps at a good price.I've amassed quite the little collection this past year, and I can't see that slowing down at any time...

*each week, one full size set (reg $19-25ish) goes on sale for $5. Sweet deal!

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