Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So close, yet so far...

I picked up my beloved desk & shelves last night. Fit them in the Subaru no problem, hubs & I dragged the 3 boxes down the hill to the basement walk out, and in the Cave they sat until I had an evening to devote to assembling my craft space. Finally. So once the baby went to sleep tonight, down to the Cave I went, all set to assemble my stuff.

And it wasn't THAT bad. Except for the fact that the shelves are 58"x58", and I have approximately 62"x62" of floor space to work in. And except for the fact that I had two hours of sleep last night (not the baby's fault), so I wasn't quite on the ball. And uh, except for the fact that I couldn't find either of the rubber mallets in this house to pound the pegs in with, so had to use my hand and assorted crap that was durable enough in the Cave. Oh, AND except for the fact that my brute strength broke two of the dowelly pegs, so I will have a space without a divider (which will actually work out, as it will be under the desk, no one will notice... ) Oh, and this one's Ikea's fault - the bottom screw holes are so close to the edge, that if you assemble the shelves on the floor as shown, you can't rotate the Allen Key to tighten the screws.

As it stands (hah, it's actually laying on my floor) now, I have 6 bolts left to put in, to attach the left side & the bottom. And ohmygod, I could not continue fighting with it to get everything to line up. I had hubs down to help me with it, but because of pretty much everything listed in the last paragraph, I just didn't have it in me to finish up.So i'll have to try again tomorrow... after some much needed rest & search for the friggin rubber mallet (need to get stuff lined up better so the screws go in properly).

OH!!! And stay tuned... see the counter down there (bottomish right)? it's awfully close to 9000 visitors. Once it crosses over & I get my stuff organized again, I'll be doling out some BLOG CANDY! woooooo!

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