Sunday, November 6, 2011

Come to Mama!!

After the table debaucle in the craft cave, I have ordered these two lovely pieces of furniture from IKEA - the Expedit 4x4 bookcase & desk, in birch, just like the picture. I cannot WAIT for my lovelies to be set up in my room..  I ended up using a local "Ikea buyer" who only charges 20% commission on pre-tax cost, which worked out to $45 instead of the $189 delivery Ikea wanted to charge me. So ya, don't always cut out the middle man. In this case, he's saving me $145!!

Until this gets set up (probably mid-month, he isn't going to PQ to buy until next weekend), my stamp room is a sty, and it is VERY hard to get any stamping done. I'm working on an old printer table, which is across the room from all my stamps & ink as well as most of my paper. It's a PITA, but I've had an order for 7 cards, so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, eh? 5 of the cards are done, and I guess I'll do up the last two tomorrow after baby goes to bed, seeing as I have to drop 'em off on Tuesday :) And then after that, well, I do have some sympathy cards I need to make (although srsly, what's the statute on that? people passed away end of Oct - will next week be too late to send the cards??) but will probably NOT do a lot of stamping until the desk  is up & settled. I cannot WAIT though. Can't. WAIT!

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I just got two of those bookcases from the same ikea buyer - picked up in Truro - he was great and the bookcases are fab (very heavy too!)

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