Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Disaster Zone..

That's the state of the craft cave right now (uh, worse than usual!)... see, there was a bit of a craftastrophe there last week - my table, which I'd rescued from my old workplace 3+ years ago  - bit hte big one. It collapsed, and there was no way to fix it that would be safe for use.
"compromised" nail holes - no wonder it collapsed!
pile of crap from desk
so before the desk died, it had to be cleared off. and there was a LOT of stuff on it. it did not look like it did back when I first set it up, that's for sure.  in fact, the circled stuff in this pic is MOST of what was on the table... (the pic is sideways, i don't know why. still, you get the idea). at that point, i just essentially took my arm and swept everything to the floor.

I spent last night sifting through the crap on the floor - trying to organize, turf, etc. To me, it looks better. probably doesn't look any different to the untrained eye though. Not sure what I'll be doing for a desk, so I probably won't be crafting until that's settled. Boooo. It's too much crap to lug up to the kitchen & back down, etc. until then, I'll have to bake or read or something. or clean. naaaaaaaaah. :P

In somewhat-related news, would you believe that Ikea wanted to charge me $189 to ship a $149 desk/shelf combo? Fork that! And that is why I'm still looking for a desk :P outrageous shipping costs to this part of the world make me a grumpy Chelle :P


Tammi Hayne said...

Why not use the My Ikea Buyer service in Halifax? He makes a trip a couple of times a month and charges a percentage of the price to deliver whatever you want from Ikea...he takes a truck...was in the Chronicle Herald a couple of weeks ago! My Ikea Buyer :-)

Libby Hickson said...

Ouch!! Poor desk. Poor Chelle!