Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A commissioned card...

One of the ladies at work is retiring, and my old manager asked me to make a card for her. Fine, no prob.

Then he told me he'd like it based on this coin. Oh. Okay. That makes things a bit more difficult, but whatever.

I knew that I wanted to use Lawn Fawn's Bannerific set, but after that, I had no sweet clue how I'd incorporate the elements of the coin onto a card. A big card too (5.5 x 8.5).

After much consultation on Twitter tonight with the fab Leslie (@crookedstamper), and many many prototypes, I came up with this. And honestly, I'm happy with it. it's not my favorite card by any stretch, but it's DONE, and I don't hate it. Win Win.

See? Not horrid. (and if you think it's horrid, pls don't tell me. i've expended enough energy on this card)

As you can see from the pic, I also decided to go all out and make a matching envelope. Except I didn't realize what a PITA making an envelope for a HUGE card was. Even with my fancy MS scoring tool (a 'score' (hee) at Michael's one day for $15), it was still a PITA. Ah well. now I know.

Oh, also a PITA? Using my circle cutter. Although the circles did work out in the end, I scrapped a LOT of paper in the process. So glad I'm selling the effer this weekend :P

So there you have it. I have made it in to the craft room, and lived to tell. There's another post scheduled for Monday... see you then!

FTR, the card is a Very Vanilla base, with Pacific Point mat. The scallop and smallest circle are some metallic platinum-y paper I had, and the middle circle is PP. The bird is VV, and branch is Old Olive DSP.The envelope is made of a single sheet of PP DSP . Bird & branch are the SU punch...

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Leslie Hanna said...

Niiiiice. I love the matching envelope, too. And yeah, those are a PITA to make. (Psst: I got the MS Score Board last weekend. Must. Try.)

Lovely card, ma'am!