Saturday, April 30, 2011

A commissioned card - final version #2

So when I posted the card on Wed. night, I said I was happy with it, yadda, but at some point today, I got to thinking about changing it up (again), as I wasn't really happy with the scroll message. Like the scrolls themselves, but something was nagging.

I decided to separate the two banners & just write ONE & MILLION in them, and writing the rest right on the card (top says you're one in a million). This meant another card face, and more cutting, but meh, worth it in the end (I hoped)...

Lo & behold, much nicer. Leslie pointed out suggested I should've used white gel pen on the PP cardstock instead of chocolate brown sparkle marker, but it was too late. I dunno tho, I think it worked. Thoughts?

Oh, and because I hadn't spent enough time on this (freebie) project, I made another bird out of shimmer paper, and cut her name out, and xyron'd 'em and attached to the envelope. Now it all just ties together. VoilĂ !

Also? When you are trying to blog at 130 or whatever in the morning, on your phone & you're exhausted, spelling is atrocious. Just sayin...

1 comment:

Leslie Hanna said...

Aw, it looks fine with the glitter writing. It was just a SUGGESTION. ;/

I am sure she will LOVE it!