Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The curse of the cardmaker...

I am a cardmaker, not really a scrapbooker (although I *have* done two pages in my entire life, TYVM). I don't make cards to sell, but I make cards as events & occassions arise, so that the people in my life can have something handmade, from me, to know that they're special. I will pop a card in with a gift, or just send it on it's merry way (sometimes even on time!)... But this seems to be rare among cardmakers - at least the getting them in the mail part.

Way back in the beginning of October, when my friend S's birthday was approaching (Oct 31), I thought I'd get ahead of the game and make her card & write it and send it, because October was going to be a hectic month. After all, I'd bought a stamp set just for the perfect image for her card, and now I must put ink to paper and make it so! So in a fit of craftiness one afternoon, I made up 3 or 4 cards, including S's.

Last week, when I was giving hte cave the good cleaning it deserved, guess what I found? yup, S's card... It's 2.5 months past her birthday, so too late to send now.. I feel horrible... October was chaotic, but still... I am a sucky, sucky friend... And that it seems, is the curse of a cardmaker. Not to be a craptastic friend, but to make cards intended for people, and never quite have them reach the destination.

 And, because who knows when the next time I'll get around to posting, here a few more cards I've made.. 8 each of hte onesie cards as thank yous for my work baby shower, the silver/blue card was for my parents to thank them for the stroller they bought for us, and the blue/brown card is for a couple who did IVF at hte same time as us, whose twins were born almost a month ago, at 29w6d.. 


Laura said...

The cards are super cute! LOVE the very last one. :)

I am trying to be better about actually sending my cards too. I've been practicing more at making them so I'm getting more confident. That is helping too.

Lisa - papergrace said...

I bet even if you sent that late card your friend would still appreciate it, understanding the circumstances. Me? I'd rather get a really late card with a good explanation than no card at all.

And these cards are so special and so sweet!! That twins card is just too perfect.

When I make cards that actually need to go somewhere I try to have envelopes & stamps nearby. On occasion that's helped. ;)

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