Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Color Renovation - an update

So, due to the announcement of SU's Color Renovation, current supplies of retiring color items (paper & reinkers specifically) have been selling like HOTCAKES. (mmmm, hotcakes). Here's what they're doing to best remedy the situation...
Re-inkers: For the remainder of May, any orders that can't be filled will be put on backorder, and filled as quickly as possible from those. Once June comes, once the supplies are gone, that's it.
Paper: I'll just quote directly from SU, because it's a bit more complex than the reinker strategy...
To help us be able to provide you with the card stock in the retiring colours for as long as possible, we will be substituting textured paper for some of the smooth colours--including card stock in 8-1/2" x 11" as well as 12" x 12"--where the smooth is no longer available. You will notice these colours go on backorder, and we will be filling as many of those as possible with textured card stock. Because the demand for each colour varies, we are unable to provide a list of what colours of card stock will be substituted with textured, or at what point that will happen. However, if you receive a package of card stock that is textured instead of smooth, there will be a sticker on the package indicating that change. There will be no change in item code or price for these substitutions.
 So there you have it.. Fallen in love with a color that will be retiring? Better order soon so you can get your refills before they're no longer available! If you want to place an order, either email me at chelle at hanwayink dot com, or check out my24/7 online ordering site.

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