Saturday, March 27, 2010

I think I found my mojo!

I made *FIVE* cards last night. FIVE! I think the key was using new sets.  First I made a few cards using a set from a new Stampy company founded by one of the girls I've met through twitter. I won LawnFawn's "Critters in the Burbs" set at hte beginning of the month, and it finally arrived this week (don't get me started on the postal system...). Unfortunately I've had some friends lose beloved pets in the last few weeks, so used it for a not-so-happy reason - pet sympathy cards. Hard cards to make, but this is what I came up with... Love the tree stamp, and the cat & dog are super cute. I used some of the SAB paper for the top of the tree, and sponged a bit of ink in the tree before I put down the paper pierced 'leaves'.  The stamps are clear polymer stamps,a nd they're FABULOUS quality. I really liked how they stamped. way to go, Kelly Marie!!

Then I moved on to make a few baby cards using Fox & Friends ($24.95w/$19.95c in the Occasions Mini). This is a card for a family that just had 2 baby boys... I put the owl there to represent their big brother, and wrote in the "whooo" speech bubble. Inside it says "...are these two cute little monkeys??" tee hee. I slay me.

Then a couple more baby cards, for some babes born earlier this month - a boy & a girl. The cards are essentially the same, I just flipped colors for the base & mat depending on boy or girl. I'm really happy with how they turned out. I cannot believe that I have had this stamp set for a while now and finally inked it up last night. My bad for sure. Many more plans to use this set in the future.
I still have a long list of cards to make, hopefully I'll get to finish off another 'chunk' of cards tomorrow.


Leslie Hanna said...

CUTE, CUTE (x 5) !!

Jessica said...

Ooh, that's some great mojo! I love the pets cards, and those baby cards are adorable!

~kelly marie~ said...

I absolutely love your polka dot trees!

Kristen said...

Great cards! Glad you got your mojo back!!! These are wonderful.

dawsondesigns said...

Those are really cute cards! Congrats on winning the stamp set from Lawn Fawn - I had no idea that I knew a winner. :) I bought that stamp set and haven't used it yet. It's so adorable, but I just don't know who to use the stamps/cards for. Your cards gave me some ideas. The baby cards were precious - very nice work!