Saturday, March 20, 2010

Black: a color meme (also: a work in progress)

A cool stamper I follow on Twitter, @CrookedStamper, posted a meme on her blog and I commented, so I get to do one now.

Comment on this entry if you want to play along and I will give you a color, or just pick a color and go with it - I won't tell anyone. I'm supposed to list ten things that I like/love that are my assigned color, and Leslie gave me orange. Black. Umm,  Okay, ten things I like/love that are black:

1. my friend's doggies (can this count as 2, JIC?)
2. my well-worn Merrell Mary Janes
3. my iPhone
4. good black felt-tip markers like Sharpies. Not the gross big huge ones we'd sniff growing up :P
5. black mica (biotite is the actual name for black mica, but I prefer black mica)
6. obsidian
7. black pearls & jewelry with such pretties in them...

Ok, so I'm having some problems coming up with other items. I am not much of a fan of black licorice/jelly beans/gumdrops/candy in general, and everything else i can think of is dark brown. I'll update as I think of stuff.... honestly, it would be easier to think of 10 things I don't like that are black... and maybe I'll do that in another post :P

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