Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New to stamping?

I read a great little post on Donna's blog (Butternut Sage Designs) today about going back to basics and where to start when you get into cardmaking. It's a great post, and if you're new(ish) to stamping, or just looking for a way to revitalize your crafting, check it out. She suggests using some of the weekly card challenge websites (and lordy, there are many!) to get design or color ideas. I've found that as you get a bit more comfortable with your tools (and um, accumulate more tools...) ideas flow a bit better, and it's easier to branch out. But in the beginning, looking at a piece of paper & some stamps can be kinda intimidating in a way.

ANYWAY. enough of my rambling. Thanks again to Donna for a great article - happy stamping!

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Butternut Sage Designs said...

oh my goodness CHelle what a lovely compliment you gave me! I have never had a testimonial quite like that and I must say I am a bit humbled. You are so very sweet! Thank you so much! ~Donna