Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marker club anyone?

As anyone who has been to my workshops knows, I love my SU markers. I love that there are two tips, that they coordinate with the papers & inks, and that for a much smaller investment, I get more of a range of colors than stamp pads (and they're easier to store!).

THe markers retail for $45.95/12 ($179.95 for all 48), and when you buy the full set from SU, you get a handy carrying case for them (see image on left). For $50 each month for 4 months (includes tax & shipping... or we can spread it out and have the class run over 8 months, up to the participants), you would get one set of 12 markers, and after the run of the club, you would have all the markers, and the carrying case (one person will get it each month of the club). In addition, hostess benefits will rotate from month to month, so that each person will get at least a level 1 stamp set and $20 of free SU product of their choice. And, as my thank you, each person who participates will receive a pack of the 2009-10 In Color markers at no cost to you!

To recap. For $50/month for 4 months, you get:
  • 48 standard color markers
  • convenient carrying case
  • FREE level 1 hostess stamp set
  • $20 FREE SU merchandise of your choice
  • the 6 current In Color markers as my gift to you
Each club will contain 4 members, and as soon as the club is filled, I will place the order. Please leave a comment or email me to join. (Canadians only - sorry!)

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