Sunday, March 29, 2009

tip for pesky solid images

(Angie, this one's for you!)

Ever try and figure out how to get the best coverage with a fairly solid stamped image? I have issues with solid images and dark ink, so when I was in the cave last night, I figured out how to 'fix' this. I stamped the image as normal (patting the stamp on the ink a few times to load up as best as possible), and then took a blender pen, dabbed it on the ink pad to get a bit of color, and colored over the stamped image to fill in the lighter spots. I love how the images has just a bit more depth to it, and looked more complete or something (IMO).

So here's the purty bird from p. 91 (everyone's fave bird!) all inked up with Pacific Point.

And here's the initial stamp onto white cardstock (non-SU, sorry). see those white spots? drive me (and some of my customers) nuts.

Now, here's the image after I took the blender pen and colored in the image with the same ink. Much better, no?

And now, here's the final birdy... Like the crown? It's the beak stamp, just tilted and stamped twice. FUN!


Angie said...


Jodi said...

Great tip! BTW, love the crown! =)

Dimps said...

Hahaha So cute! Love the crown! :D And lovin' the tip ;)

Belinda said...

Fit for a princess! Love it. Great tip-thanks!!!

oobinsnaffa said...

I always have this problem with non-SU white cardstock! Great tip!