Sunday, February 1, 2009

Will wonders ever cease??

I scrapbooked today!!

Not usually a huge leap for a papercrafter, but I always am adamant when people say I scrapbook that "I don't scrapbook!!"

My birthday was on Friday, and one of my friends (and a great customer!) posted the long 'blurb' on the left on my FB page. I loved it so much I had to do something special with it. So I dug out my old photo albums, and found what's probably the last picture of us ever taken (we got in a huuuuuuuge fight soon after this, and have reconnected lately), and put it all together. I've gotta say, I am SOO thankful for my Simply Scrappin kit from SU... made things so much easier! This kit (U R Sweet - fitting, as we met on IRC many many moons ago!) is retired, but you can check out the other kits here! I'm waiting for my new Supernova Fine Glitter to arrive, and then I'll 'color' in the title. Or maybe not. Thoughts??


Dimps said...
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Dimps said...

K I dunno what I did but I deleted my first comment...Sorry! eep! All I said was I LURVE the page! :D with or without blinged title..but OMG I so need to find you a better photo of us...hahaha You look adorable me...umm..yeah...though, I am nice and thin! YaY olden days! :D Are we Chelle-a-brating anything in that photo or just drinkin' for the heck of it! haha We had some WIKKed times...the BEST!