Saturday, February 21, 2009

MFT presents....

Tongue in Cheek. Holy frig, I almost died. If anyone here knows my sense of humor, they know I'm a bit strange, and sarcastic and such. Well these sentiments from MFT suit me to a T!

Now, these were just released in the last week or so, and if I hadn't been busy flying off to Calgary to visit/surprise some friends, and then trying to recover from the-world's-most-stubborn-sinus-THING-ever, I may have read the mounting virtual pile o' blog posts in my Google Reader from members of the MFT DT previewing these two sets, and even giving them away *WAH*

They're awesome, seriously. I heart them. I've wishlisted 'em. Because I finally used the MFT gift cert I won last month (thanks Lesa!!), and picked up Who's that E-Girl (c'mon, I coudln't NOT get it), Serenity Now! and Flopsy reads. Can't wait for them to show up. Hopefully that will jump start my crafty mojo. I think it's been drowned in oj... UGH.

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Jessica said...

Hah. Aren't they great? I love that I can make crap-tacular with them!