Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cards 4 kids

As I mentioned in the post below, there's a Valentine's challenge on Pat's site (the Rubber Maid, hee!) to collect 1000 valentine's cards for the Michigan Children's Hospital. So, I was feeling crafty, and went in and stamped up a couple of cards. The one on the left uses a brand-new level 3 SU hostess set that is soooo forking cute, I can't stand it. And the giraffe, who I've named Lovey, is from the Tree-Mendous love set from Our Craft Lounge that I used on the tree card from the last post.

Then, I thought about the swap cards & other cards I've made that I've been hoarding (a la this post at No Time To Stamp?) and cleaned out a few more to send to Cards4Kids while I was at it. My package to Pat will have a total of 13 cards in it. Three Valentines, and 10 birthday/everyday cards. It's not as many as Sharon cleared out, but it's a start, and hey - I haven't been stamping/swapping as long either! Excuse my messy desk, but here's a pic of all of them together.

I do want to show you what I did to the Crab-tastic (hee) card at the top right. I'd made him about a year ago, when I hosted my first SU workshop. Over the year, I've amassed a host of "things" in my crafty room... including a small container of real sand, lifted from my friend's little girl's sandbox. So, I added some sand under the crab's feet, popped on some googly eyes I had left over from a Christmassy workshop, and voila. Crab '09. Shore do love him! heeee. (I'm sorry. I'm a geek. My bad...)


Jennifer Buck said...

Thank you so much for linking me to these! I am so excited to actually see them! They are adorable! THANK You! for helping with this! I know the kids will really enjoy these! :) Hugs!

The Rubber Maid said...

So cute and how nice of you to plug the program Cards 4 Kids. Thanks for any cards you send, they are very much appreciated. Pat

Cambria Turnbow said...

I love what you've done with Tree-mendous Love! You rock! Lovely is ADORABLE! :)

Curt in Carmel said...

Super job with these! I certainly appreciate your kind comments! Thanks so much for helping! And good luck in the draw! Best, Curt