Saturday, October 18, 2008

First workshop - I survived!

Just got back a little while ago from tonight's workshop.

It turns out that there was 1 cancellation, 1 no-show, so the party was just me, the hostess & another girl, but it went well. I know both people well, so I was comfortable, and they loved the albums, so all was good.

However, I forgot to cut DSP to cover the books with (DUH!), but I was able to cut covers from extra box-tops, so it all worked out. I also forgot my HOLIDAY MINIS that I ordered especially to have in time for this workshop. Dumb, dumb dumb. Ah well. We just used the online version instead, but I still felt like a dolt, esp. because they were on the kitchen table, which I passed a million times before leaving the house. Ah well. Live & learn. I'll post pics of the finished products tomorrowish.


Jodi said...

I'm glad to hear that your first workshop was a success. =)

Heather Summers said...

How fun!!! We should all share our workshop stories! The best part is, I still have workshops that seem to fall apart but end up SO FUN!!!! Way to go!

Emily said...

Where's the pics already? :P