Friday, September 12, 2008

Online ordering...

As I mentioned a few days back, Stampin Up now has online ordering. I haven't set up a site yet, but I'm wondering if my readers would be interested.

With online ordering, you wouldn't have to wait for me to ship your parcel once I get it - it would come right to you from SU in Utah! You could also place orders at any time - 24/7. These are the two biggest advantages of online ordering for you the customer.

If anyone's interested, please let me know. This next month is going to be crazy for me, but if there's a demand, I'll definitely set up a site. Who knows, I might set one up anyway.



Angie said...

Yes. Please. I already need to place another order.

Jodi said...

That is awesome! You definitely should get lots of customers from this.