Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The craft room in Hell

(Disclaimer: for those of you who don't know me, I have a v. odd sense of humor. This post reeks of it. If you're offended, my apologies. I'm a nice person, really. I'm just... a little weird :))

In the car this morning, en route to work for J&I, and to the car-rental place for my SIL, I mentioned how I had this song in my head all weekend, and how I was probably going to hell for it. SIL made the comment that "you'll be fine as long as there's a craft room..." And that made me wonder - is there a craft room in hell?

So, I posted that as my status on Facebook today, and got some interesting answers...

Z wrote:
"Of course, but it is where they put all the non-crafters. To spend eternity with glue gun burns all over my fingers sounds like hell to me." ahhhh, glue gun burns. I've had my fair share, and I dare say that glue guns are the devil's tools.

E wrote:
"Ha oh yes and it's full of glitter you can't quite get off."

and L wrote:
"Yup. But nothing is archival or acid free, and all of the paper cutters go *slightly* on an angle, so you just keep trying to make things square until there's no paper left to cut. And I'll second the glitter comment. Lots o' glitter, and the lids don't fit. There's no hell quite like glittered carpet." (so true on the glittery carpet thing...)

This all just made me giggle. Everyone's got a crafty thing they can't stand working with. Crooked paper cutters & glue guns are mine. You?

And further to that wacky sense of humor, here's a card I made back in March(ish), for a 'wacky sense of humor' card challenge on H!. It's for a friend who was just starting divorce proceedings. Whaddya think?

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Jessica said...

Hah. Yes, glitter. Definitely.

Love the divorce card!