Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some recent cards...

Wow. I haven't spent a whole lot of time in the cave, but it's seems like I've done a lot since I last posted. Weird.

Anywhooo. The first card I want to show off is this week's card challenge from Jes at Craft-o-Rama. I realize I should've used some sort of brown instead of the white panel, but ah well. Next time. I also would've paper-pieced the flowers (as I did the bird). Ah well. I still think it's a cute card. Just a note, heee. I friggin love the set that this is from. It's Amuse's Stitched Garden set, and I friggin LOVE it. I need to get a bigger acrylic block though. Maybe I'll stop by Michael's on my way home tomorrow and use my coupon. yessss.... coupon.
I was inspired to use these colors after seeing the fireworks on Canada Day. They shoot them off over Halifax Harbour, and there was a moment where there were beautiful blue & green lights reflecting off the inky black water. So, I used one of my fave Cricut cutouts (from the Stamped cartridge) and blinged up the petals a bit.

Last one for today... One of the girls from h! was moving out of town this past weekend, so I scoured my stamp sets, and all I could find that was appropriate, was "Best Fishes", so I ran with it. Sorry for hte craptastic picture, but I love how the water turned out on this. The waves were created using a large-ish paisley swirl (From SU "So Happy" (ret) I think?) that I stamped on scrap and cut out. I then flipped the paper over, and traced the tail end of the paisley on the paper, and when I was cutting it out, I just made sure it wasn't too choppy between 'crests'. I think it turned out quite ok. Not my greatest work, but eh, they can't all be masterpieces, right?

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Jessica said...

Awesome cards Chelle! I really like the fishes one, very creative with the waves. Thanks for trying the sketch, I love what you did with it!