Sunday, May 11, 2008

I loves a deal.

Maybe that wasn't quite evident from the spools upon spools of ribbon I've purchased at the Dollar Store (5/$1!!!), but I do loves myself a deal.

So when I had some time to kill yesterday afternoon in Hali, I went to a great SS (Photo Memories). J. was at Rona, and I didn't feel like wandering those aisles, so I had him drop me off at the SS instead. Much more my style of aisle-roaming. But I digress. After picking up and putting down tons of stuff (brads, eyelets and stickers, oh my!!) I resolved to only pick up stuff that was on sale, as funds are tight til payday (as usual). I almost stuck to it, too. But for a whopping $6 + tax, I got much funky paper. Well, ok, 9 sheets of 12x12. Doesn't sound like much of a deal, does it? But wait.

::These two were 25c each. The greenish one actually has a really pretty tonal print to it. It'll be great for matting for cards.

And these 7 (click on the pic to see the pages better)...
::Sheets 1-3 are double-sided, cardstock-weight funky pages, 75% off. 97c total. you can't see the texture or dots, but TRUST ME, they're cute.
::#4&5 were 25% off (double-sided again, less than $1/ea)
::#6&7 are double-sided, and yes, full price. But, how could I resist? One of the full-price pages (6) is bright pink with chocolate polka dots, and it's shimmery. And the other side? just irridescent. Beautiful stuff! The other is coral/pinks/oranges, and just beautiful. Couldn't NOT buy it.

I talked myself out of buying 'all the other stuff' for a couple reasons. I'll actually be back in the vicinity of this wonderful SS at the end of the week, so can pick up stuff (read: more paper) then. Also, I'm heading to Bangor, Maine at the end of the month with a friend and her mom, and will hopefully stop at a crafty store/haven or two then.

So I ask you, oh wise ones, where is a girl who hasn't cross-border shopped in ages to go? Especially for crafty stuff! Will Target or Super-Walmart have a selection of scrapbooky stuff? Acrylic blocks? Any stores like Michael's, only with a better selection?? Help a girl out!

Shit, I forgot to put CC in the pics again. Dammit.

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oobinsnaffa said...

Acrylic blocks, you say? I found an ebay seller that has a huge selection at amazing prices, and will custom cut for you if he doesn't have what you're looking for. Here's his site:

I don't know anything about cross-border shopping though, not for crafty stuff. Hope you find some good deals!