Sunday, May 4, 2008

I just...

...bought more ribbon. ACK! Alex from Clippopotamus had some leftover ribbon she was selling, and hey, who am I to let ribbon go to waste? :P Oy. I seriously have a problem.

Plus.. who knew that Frenchy's (local second-hand store chain) had new scrapbooking items? A friend bought me a pad of 40 sheets of textured cardstock (still sealed) for $4 on Friday, and then I went yesterday, and picked up another pad of paper (diff. sheets/texture). They also had some cute little stamps (2/$2.10), so I got those too. Must lay off the purchases!

I must also pick a design for the next H! card swap. It's a congratulations/thank you theme, and I'm stumped. Guess some time surfin SCS is in order. Although I made a sweet baby card yesterday (will post soon), and I might just modify that for the swap. oooh the decisions.

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