Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pics as promised!

I took some pics of CC with my bins o' stuff today. Not all the bins, but a goodly number. These are all the ones that line the top of my computer desk/crafty workspace:

Posing with punches...

In the embellishment bin... (CC: "Hey! There are more chicks in here! I thought I was her one and only!! WTF?")
More embellishments (mostly decorative brads, but some eyelets too...)
amongst embossing powders, glitter & hanging with the (small) Xyron...
Hanging with the bin o' ribbon, and a shot of the dowel o' ribbon. A goodly portion of the ribbon is from the dollar store - 5/$1!! Some of the other rolls are $1 each or $1.50 from Michael's. I don't think I've paid full price for ribbon, except maybe the two cards of ribbon (brights and pastels) in front of the bin. If it's on sale it's ok, right? Right??

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Jessica said...

I love that CC posed with all the goodies ;)