Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's alive!!

I finally picked a blog site, and I think I'll stick with it. Welcome to Tales from the Craft Cave, hosted by Chelle, and co-starring CraftChick (CC - see pic to the right). I mostly do paper crafts (card making specifically), although I have been known to cross-stitch from time to time, and used to know how to crochet. I'd love to learn again, as well as learn to knit. I'm just getting this card making thing down pat though, so maybe in time.

I do actually have a 'Craft Cave', as I've lovingly named the spot in the basement that I unceremoniously took over a few months ago. It's just a portion of our storage room in the basement, with some bookshelves, an old computer desk, and many, many plastic storage units of varying types and sizes. I'll take some new pictures when the place gets cleaned up a bit. It's a tad bit of a disaster zone at the moment, but it's my haven, and I heart it.

So this it. Stay a while, grab some tea, make yourself comfortable. Check out some of my works (hosted on Flickr) to the side, as well as links to Crafty friends and comrades-in-craft from around the blogosphere.

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