Monday, April 28, 2008

For the love of ribbon..

...and brads, and eyelets.

I love embellishments. I think I may have a slight addiction. Thankfully I try to buy "discount" or "dollar store" ribbon and embellishments, but I still have a bit of a problem. Like last week, when I was feeling really stressed at work, I actually said to J (my hubby), "don't let me go near Michael's. You know when I'm feeling like this, I'll just buy a bunch of ribbon to make me feel better." I guess it's less fattening than ice cream or chocolate, but it's an addiction, nonetheless. I will take pics tomorrow of CC showing off my stash of ribbon and other embellishments.

I just find that a card looks more finished if it's got some ribbon on it - either through eyelets or Xyron'd on.

What's your favorite embellishment? Or are you a more simplistic crafter?

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Ooh ribbon, you sweet, evil, lovely temptress.

Chelle, I feel your pain. I love ribbon too. I've banned myself from buying more, as I have more than enough for a long time!